About Us


First of all, welcome to lifeinhurry.com! I am glad that you are finding a time to know more about lifeinhurry. It started with a very simple objective in mind: share knowledge.

When I started my career, there were often some topics that used to confuse me. Google used to be my rescuer usually. But there were times when it was so difficult to find “that” perfect article which could help me understand things in a simplistic manner and I used to feel so trapped in infinite cobwebs of the world wide web. Yeah! I learned it the hard way.

I just feel, in this new generation of digital technology where we claim that everything is just a few keystrokes away (and I believe that), we should also realize that we have varied readers who may have different comprehension levels as well. Keeping that in mind, I try to keep my posts as balanced and simple as possible so that it can be useful to all of us.

lifeinhurry.com is a digital platform that contains posts on different topics that I stumble upon and find worth sharing with you.

I hope this initiative of mine will be fruitful and is able to make some impact on your life. 🙂


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